Friday, June 26, 2009


Yeah This Event Was Dope! All The Producers Had To Roll A Single Dice (i'm not sure how to spell the singular) To Find Out Which Rapper We Would Be Paired Up With.. I Rolled A 3, And Got Paired Up With ABSTRACT RUDE.. Then We Hit The Studio... Before The Event I Recorded Seven Different Samples To Freak And 3 Different Drum Breaks To Chop Up So When We Got In The Lab I Played AB RUDE All The Different Samples And The One He Was Feelin I Sampled It And Started Choppin... I Worked On The Beat For 2 1/2 Hours While He Wrote The Song.. After That I Tracked The Beat Into Pro Tools And Sequenced It Out And He Recorded The Vocals.. The Song Came Out Nice, But The Recorded Versions Sound Quality Is Pretty Bad..But Shiii All In All This Was A Lotta Fun And Real Good Practice... Shouts Out To KEVIN BEACHAM And BRANDON ALL DAY For Having Me And All The Arists That Participated..... Lets Get It!

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